Elisa worked as a systems integrator for many years before taking her first course in stone carving in Lincoln in the UK. The 3D nature of carving captured her imagination immediately. She had the good fortune to find an inspiring artist and teacher in Cambridge, Esther Melamed, to take her training further.

Elisa also began her training in Cambridge in the age old craft of letter carving with Eric Marland and Tom Perkins through the Lettering Arts Trust Organization. Over the following months prior to returning to Canada Elisa was further tutored by Eric.

Back in Canada, Elisa has continued to sculpt primarily in limestone and alabaster and continues her love of letter carving in slate. She has since received further lettering training at the Carving and Sculpting Studio in Vermont, USA and also brush lettering with Rick Draffin, a talented calligrapher with the Calligraphy Society of Ottawa.

Permanently on display:

Crofton Beam Engine Letter Carving Plaque commemorating 200 year anniversary

100th Anniversary of the Battle of Arras – Memorial to honour those who died at the Battle of Arras and in particular Private Joseph Aukett.