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The Giggle Loop – Mothers Day Surprise

Have you heard of the phenomenon called “The Giggle Loop“?  It was the name of one episode of a BBC series called Coupling which features interactions between a group of friends.

The Giggle Loop Drinks Tray
The Giggle Loop Drinks Tray

Essentially “The Giggle Loop” is to do with giggling at the most inopportune moment.

With Mothers Day approaching I wanted to do something for my mum who I am lucky enough to call a friend as well, the kind you can have a really good laugh with.  Since she likes a good giggle this phrase seemed appropriate.

I used a compressed dynamic lettering style for this piece and intentionally had the ‘oo’s in the word ‘Loop‘ off kilter a little bit, after all that’s what giggling does to us isn’t it?!  I wasn’t sure what she would want to do with it so didn’t put a keyhole plaque at the back.  With her usual creativity she has decided to use it as a drinks tray!

For further insight into the “The Giggle Loop” check out this Coupling Giggle Loop Excerpt.


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